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Music history has taught us that any act involving more than a solo artist will have an inevitable demise.  Even the most popular and most loved groups of them all.  Especially the most talented.  The so called golden era of hip hop is now experiencing this phenomena from coast to coast.  Brooklyn based trio, A Tribe called Quest, recently had their not so amicable breakup featured in Michael Rappaport produced documentary.  The west coast group, Pharcyde, that gave west coasters a playfull option to listen to outside of gangsta rap had a similar divide.  And just like that, what we knew as a fun filled era hopped up on talent seems to be crashing down faster than facebook stock. But some just wont let it go.  Just like a kid with a melted, armless GI Joe, music lovers refuse to toss aside imperfect awesomeness, despite the shiny new toys that just hit the market. And with the help of skilled enthusiasts stitching the dead back to life, we have another chance to listen to classics like it was the first time. Amerigo Gazaway concocted two of the most awesome rap acts of the 90’s with his latest album, Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde.


The  project chimes in with the infamous Midnight Marauders  seductive  robotic woman intro and pushes us into a mash up of both of the group’s repsective best tracks. The lyrics of Pharcyde’s Runnin and the beat of Tribe called Quest’s Electric Relaxation. This sets the tempo as we mostly hear Imani, SlimKid3, Fatlip  and Bootie Brown over Tribe songs throughout most of the album.


Pharycde gets to perform one of the most fun hip hop songs with the hilarious adolescent inspired and insult laced “your momma’ over a pair of jazzy tribe beats.An excerpt of a Q-tip is laced into the middle of the album to give his two cents of what hip hop is to him by giving a speedy history lesson.  Gazaway gives the project a classic feel by instructing you to turn over the record half way through the album with the help of the fem bot.


Otha Fish gets the most kick ass make over by using original samples used for sucka N*#&#S and Award tour.Brad Nowell and Sublime get a cameo on a more laid back version of the collaboration, Summertime.  I don’t know how you could make that song more laid back but Gazaway pulled it off.Hip Hop vets Black Moon get to close out this project with a nice blend in Pharcyde of the Moon.


Amerigo has proven himself to be a new age Dr. Frankenstein using a pair of technics and a MPC as his lighting bolt. Hopefully there will be more twisted creations lifted from music’s lazuras pits in the near future.


You can get the free album here.

By L.A.


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