Beta 2 & Zero T – Deepkut

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The deeper cousin of Total Science’s label C.I.A, Deepkut, adds another plate to its arsenal this week in the form of a twelve from Beta 2 and Zero T.   After  a quiet year in 2011, Beta 2 returns from his Hiatus with this vocal driven roller featuring Pete Joseph. “Love Finds Me” is an inviting and memorable drum and bass ballad. Beta 2 has caught the rays of the last sunset of summer 2012 with “Love Finds Me”.      If Beta 2 has caught the end of summer then Zero T has certainly brought the start of winter. In stark contrast to “Love Finds Me”, “Red Hand” exhibits the trademark style of Dubliner Zero T.  A jaunty stepper with subtle breaks and a grinding bass line.

Newport Music – Brian Ennals

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