Car Crash or Madness in the form of Genuis…Die Antwoord

I had heard of Ant since 2011, about this duo a male and female from South Africa, the guy going by the name of Ninja. And she went by Yolandi. Honestly I didn’t know what to think when I came across this short film directed by Harmony Korine called “Umshini Wam” or “Bring Me My Machine Guns.” Out of sheer fascination of this duo, I went searching for their music and came across what can only be described as a black hole of un-considerable amounts of neon color, a sticky sweet voice fueled by the bullets of a raging maniac on bathsalts. But instead made rap-rave techno beats in the form of an apocalyptic event, these two rose from the underground shooting the only survivors at a close distance just to pick up from were they left off singing “Baby’s On Fire.”

Ninja and Yolandi are not brother and sister as depicted in the music video but are a couple who in the free world, who are giving so many people a run for there money…while burning there money at the same time. They have become one of those phenomenons where you can’t tell if this is just a car crash that you can’t turn away from and you have to watch till the very end. Or is it a well thought out plan, they know exactly what they are doing on genius scale. Whether it’s neither or both, I can’t help but watch whatever they have made in pure disgusted, enjoyable conveyance. What they have started is a Zef-side movement, the first of its kind. Bringing to light what is referred to as “the opposite to Posh.” Ironically Die Antwoord translates to “The Answer.” So I think you can say that they in a clever state are liberating into the free world this counter culture that has been going on in one part of the world for so long that finally the rest of us get to have a first hand experience.

Of the interviews I have watched with Ninja, he gave an interviewer a piece of advice and a summed up answer of what was the meaning of hip-hop? A pure role of society, lifestyle and how it stood up against and for society. I was not only blown to the side line but this is what made me respect them a bit more. You don’t hear necessarily why people choose hip-hop. Is it in there blood or is it for show?

Never the less however you have made up your mind about this duo, Die Antwoord released there latest single “XP€N$IV $H1T” back in July of this year. What dark, technicolored, freak-beat crazy bat shit of styled sophisticated radiance can we expect next?