Es.Tereo – Purple Sky EP

IM:LTD have enlisted  a shining european lineup to make up their new EP entitled Purple Sky.
Berlin native Es.tereo demonstrates his passion for the deeper side of drum and bass as well as his passion for techno and industrial sounds.  His track, from which the ep takes its name, Purple Sky, is similar in style to the work of producers like Faib and Synkro. Deep and glowing pads flow together to create an immersive atmosphere overladen with irregular percussion. The second track by Frenchman, Gunston entitled “Transition” is more insistent in terms of its percussion but similar to “Purple Sky” in its deep sound.    Ukranian Hibea delivers a slightly more aggressive addition to the track listing with Elipse complete with an almost trancelike synth in the breakdown. Very european. My personal favourite track on the EP is “Above Time” by NUage. A delicate and smooth six minute journey through a forest of pads, pianos and burialesque vocals.    “Lonely” by Gerwin throws some more intense noises into the affair once more and Atmospherix’s track “In This Life” finishes off a stunning EP with a roller.  The Purple Sky EP is a truly beautiful collection of drum and bass showing that the often ignored europeans have some very worthwhile drum and bass output.