Speed of Sound


Sound  breaks barriers.  As of lately Maryland musician,Oddisee, has been wrecking shop. His slow build up of working as a  producer of soulful loops transitioned to a full out and all around artist in a matter of several years.  For a short  period of time, the only hip hop artists that were presented to the public were renaissance men.  Emcees that rapped over their own beats, layered their own vocals, engineered their own effects and mastered their own levels.  Or at least it was advertised as such.  Oddisee manages to craftily carry that torch without any of the novelty.  And it seems while he gave us a ‘year’ of awesome music to vibe with Odd Summer, Odd Autumn, Odd Winter and Odd Spring, he has been honing his skills as a rapper.


The Diamond District member follows up to ‘Rock Creek Park’ with ‘People hear what they see.’  While ‘Rock Creek Park’ toggles in between songs to instrumentals, his latest project offers more insight into how this DMV artist really feels about his current circumstances.


The album kicks off with, ‘Ready to Rock’, a deep bass horn blowing, amped up anthem that states his intent for greatness .  If this track doesn’t get used in the next Madden, it will definitely be played throughout college stadium home team tunnels.  Fair enough.  Oddisee continues on the theme of what he wants on ’ Do it All’ with lines like ’ I’m trying make the world know me, stack G’s yet be low key; Get paper like the majors but we so free. So we sign like we can’t speak.’


‘Maybes’ is the most reminiscent sounds of his previous beats as he recalls moments of a turnstile relationship.  Oddisee references three different type of folk on ‘You know you are’ as he sends his regards to friends, foes and the most intimate. In a musical climate where we see before we hear,  Oddisee gives us an index of more content than concept.

by L.A.