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Soundophiles – Elite interview

1. Hello Elite, we hope you are doing well. Firstly, how did you all get together as a group? Seeing as you are from different parts of America, what was the connection? Does this mean that you all live and work together these days?

First off Kaygee was the connection, he connected the dots, we connected through the music and we became brothers. Always together.

2. You are a hiphop-style group, would you agree that this is something lacking in hiphop these days? Bar Slaughterhouse, there seems to be less groups compared to the years gone by, and do you think you can fill the void?

We most definitely fill the void and the game has been lacking what we bring to the table because over the course of time people have compared us to all the greats that have stepped up to the plate. We’re past and present.

3. Branching on from the last question, there’s also a heavy RnB influence with the singing. Will you be venturing into modern styles (I.e. The Weeknd and Frank Ocean) in terms of darker content, or will you be focusing on the older style of RnB, based on more romantic and happy themes. Or will it be a mixture of the two?

As a group I feel we DO IT ALL! Myself and Boxie are vocalists first. Old RnB and today’s contemporary music are all in the portfolio. We mix it up.

4. Talking of influences, who is/are your biggest influence as an artist and why?

First off I’m influenced by a lot of people. It’s a long list. Just to name a few I have to start with the KING of Pop Michael Jackson, the KING of Rock Elvis Presley, Rakim, Jay Z, Naughty By Nature, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, and honestly I’m influenced (we’re influenced) by the people around me. My brothers, Kaygee, and the rest of our team.

5. Will you be looking to sign to a major label in the future or take the independent route? More artists are becoming independent these days due to various factors. Is that something you would consider?

Honesty we’re looking for the best situation that fits us and the company interested. We are all seasoned artists and focus more on what works. There’s really no room for error. We going to make our next move our best move.

6. In 10 years time, where would you like to be? Both in terms of a career and personal life.

We want to be on top. We’re not focused on anything else but this ELITE brand. Our families will benefit from our success and we’ll be able to provide opportunities to friends, family members and up coming artists.

7. Your hit song, ‘We are young’ is all about the fun times that youth brings. The video also looked like good fun. Are your lives usually that great or is there a lot of hard work behind the scenes? Or is it a mixture of “work hard, play hard”?

To be honest we have a lot of fun but everything that glitter ain’t gold. Definitely it’s more work minimum play. We all have our flaws but we give the people what they want at the end of the day.

8. Generally speaking, you all seem very in tune with image and fashion. How important is fashion to you, and is there any future plans of a potential clothing line, due to your love of fashion?

Personally speaking HELL YEAH lol. Fashion is of the upmost importance to us. In the near future we want in on everything! Everything marketable starting from clothes to other sources of media.

9. You are definitely part of a ‘new generation’ in rap and RnB music. How important is it to stay in touch with your fans via social networking? Seeing as you are on sites such as insagram, twitter and facebook.

Social networking is everything to our generation and peers. Social networking is what keeps us in tune with our fans, our families and even our business/brand. Without social networking ELITE wouldn’t be AS popular as it is.

10. When will your first release be available, and will it be an EP, mixtape or album? Also many artists are giving out free material these days. Is that something you would ever consider?

That’s really more of a question for Kaygee, but since you asked me I would love to give it all away for free. In this world though what’s free people don’t want for, we want the world to want ELITE. Simple as that, #WATER, I’m done talking lol.

11. Earlier we spoke about musical influences, is there ever a possibility of venturing into new genres? If so, what do you think the preferred genre would be? Or are you purely dedicated to rap and RnB?

Lol Hell no! Never put all your eggs in one basket, as long as there’s a genre open, that’s a genre for ELITE to dominate. #Factz

12. Seeing as Soundophiles is a UK-based site, who are your favourite UK artists, from past and present and why?

KO: MY FAVORITE IS MOS’ DEFINITELY Cold Play! I’ve supported them since I was young and continue to support. Being vocalist I seek other talented singers to peel from and Chris Martin’s unique style vocals is in my top 10 favorites voices.

13. Also, if you could collaborate with any current UK artist, who would it be?

This is really Chaz question but he blacked out! He’s on his Rakim wave lol. Everybody though! We want to be the group that people seek to collaborate with.

14. Finally, if you weren’t in music what would you be doing otherwise? Lets say we’re in an alternative universe were music doesn’t exist…what would happen.

Honestly I don’t know! I don’t myself our even my brothers doing anything BUT music. God has placed favours upon us though and we would be successful in anything that we put our heart and hands to do. #Wave

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