Philly and Jazz

Soundophiles Introduces #1 – Philly and Jazz

The first mix in a series aimed at showcasing the freshest and most exciting new producers from the UK electronic scene.

The first mix in the series comes courtesy of Philly and Jazz who are definitely a name to look out for in 2012! The 22 year old long time friends from East London have been producing together for the last 7 years and have managed to carve their own style of Garage with a soulful twist. Their track ‘The Line’ (free download from Soundcloud features a sample from Sunshine Anderson’s ‘Heard It All before’ is demonstrative of the current trend in UK producers reworking old RnB records into modern day dance hits- As long as the music is this good, I hope the trend continues!

Phaze One caught up with duo to find out about their musical backgrounds, get their views on the current state of the music industry and hear their exclusive mix!

You fuse a lot of musical styles, what specific artists have inspired your productions?

Philly – I’ve always listened to a lot of hip hop, so producers like Pete Rock and El-P have always influenced me. In terms of dance music, I’ve always listened to garage – they used to play it at out end of year discos in primary school! – but i only really started to get properly into making it about 3 years ago. In terms of influence I’ve probably taken the most from people like Joker and Silkie. I find Hudson Mohawke and Rustie quite inspiring, and more recently producers like Canblaster have been quite inspiring also.

Jazz – Ive always been into hip-hop as well, and my mum and siblings were always banging out RnB, Soul, Reggae; in terms of influencing my production, I’d say Pharoahe Monche, Kanye West and The Dap Kings. I wasnt that into Kanye’s use of sampling, but I was amazed by the level of detail that went into the productions on “The College Dropout” and “Late Registration”. The same goes for Pharoahe Monche’s “Desire”; I just loved the fusion of acoustic instruments, vintage synths, live drums, sampled drums…it was seriously eye-opening for me at that time. Since then,The Dap Kings raw, vintage sound has probably changed my production values a bit.

How long do you think the current trend of producers such as yourself sampling old RnB records will last?

Jazz: It looks like it hasnt quite peaked yet, but another trend will probably have come along by next summer.

Philly: I think sampling, especially vocals, has always been pretty integral to dance music, especially garage which remixed a lot of the same 90′s rnb tunes we’re sampling now. I started using 90′s rnb vocals because I’ve always loved a lot of the tunes, its kind of part of growing up in the 90′s I suppose, but it was largely to add something catchy and interesting over an instrumental song to give it an extra edge. At the moment we’ve been sending tunes to vocalists we know to get some original vocals. They may be chopped up and pitched in a similar way a lot of the time though.

What are the main obstacles for talented up and coming producers like yourself getting your music heard by the masses?

Since the explosion of social networking it’s probably easier than it’s ever been to get your music heard by the world; anyone can make a song or record a mix and put it on a website. The problem that’s been created by that, though, is that its more difficult to stand out, and to get people to even take the time to listen to you. A good tune speaks for itself, but if you have to search through 100 mediocre ones to get to it, it has less chance of being heard. We both think attention to detail is very important though, and as a rule of thumb (though obviously with exceptions), the longer you take to make a piece of music, the longer people will listen to it

There is a huge wave of producers breaking through at the moment, who have you currently got your eye on?

Canblaster and French Fries have got some sick tunes out at the moment. Also feeling what Damu is putting out.

When can we expect a debut EP from yourselves?

As soon as possible. It’s a bit of a toss up between trying to increase your output but not rush things. Definitely in the new year though.

Are there any interesting collaborations your working on?

A singer called Sinead Harnett who we’ve worked with before should hopefully feature on a tune.
What style have you gone for in your mix?
Just tried to play a lot of the tunes that we are listening to and find influential at the moment.

Listen and Download the mix from the Soundcloud above


Basement Jaxx – Do your thing (Seiji rmx)
Darqwan – Pipe Dreams
Funkystepz – Dirty Dutch
Bone Thugs n Harmony – Thuggish Ruggish Bone (Philly and Jazz rmx)
Champion – Lighter
Tuff Jam ft Xavier – Tumblin’ Down
Donaeo – I Want Ya
Breach – Fatherless VIP
Foamo – Centavo
Mosca – Bax
Ms Dynamite – Neva Soft (Mike Delinquent rmx)
XXXY – Kerpow
Philly and Jazz – The Line
Randomer and Fife – Somebody
Birdy Nam Nam – Goin’ in (French Fries rmx)
Spectr – Dance 4 me
Seiji – More of You
Disclosure – My Intention is War
Dr Gonzo – Bust ‘em Up
Philly and Jazz – Be Good to me