I’m going to use the young Ab-Soul to prove a point. I want everyone to take a look at hip-hop today, in 2012, it’s great right? Six years ago it was dead and now it thrives. No longer will travesties like souljaboy going platinum and BET count downs being the end all be all of the opinion of what good hip-hop is. I guess we could all agree that, that judgement lies within you. Which is a good thing. Most people that respect hip-hop will agree that some hip-hop sucks and some hip-hop is good and the good will be what is popular now(which doesn’t always go long with what you hear on the radio). That’s fuckin’ great right? Arguments over hip-hop are now so much more than is tupac better than biggie? did Nas really beat Jay-Z? or east coast vs west coast bullshit. There is finally a thought process  that goes on within the projects that come out. Today even my roommates were joking that Ab-Soul was jesus because of his logo being in a jesus fish. funny right? maybe, but I’m sure you can see where I’m going. There is actually a creative process, or message. For example the name of Frank Oceans album Channel Orange(I know not a hip-hop album, but serves the point) Orange being zen point you reach when the confusion is no longer apart of you, recently before the album he came out of the closet. Hence he ‘Channeled Orange’


Now let’s take a look at the man the article is named after, Ab-Soul. Ab-Soul has shot on the scene with what is being called the mixtape of the year, Control System, and if you didn’t download it before you have to go buy it now, support the artist! But what I’m trying to get at is with Ab-Soul you have a shift, he is as conscious as common, but you won’t find your mother listening to him on her way to work, he’s as vulgar as any trashy southern rapper, but you won’t hear his songs played in any club, so what type of rapper is he? He is apart of this new mixed bread like a hip-hop crossover something you can listen to while just chilling with your friends and pay any attention to it, but then when you do you’re like wow, this shit is crazy man.


I’m 24 and I remember the most popular rappers out when I was walking around as a 12 year old were bullshit candy rappers talking about how much pussy they get and how much money they have. Rubbing in my face a music video life style that I wouldn’t be able to emulate even if I ever touch the amount of money needed. I had to dig for something that could teach me while entertaining me. I even went out of genre for years because hip-hop was watered down, basic, and just down right dumb for a number of years. I’d like to think what it would be like for me if growing up if I had artist like Ab-Soul playing through my headphones. Something I’ll never know. But the overall ethos of hip-hop has changed from both the artist and the fan; the artist does not want to drop something that will be bullshit and the fan will let it be known if something is whack..


Chase Meë