Cruel Summer

G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer

Welp it was going to happen, it happens with almost every album G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer was no exception. So I’m sure most of you have it already after spending the last couple hours finding clean torrents and download links.

We’ll have to wait a couple weeks to let the first listen, hype and hip-hop heads waiting for the actual release date to bootleg the album cool down to figure out how good this album really is. So far I’m hearing mixed reviews; ranging from,

“This is the greatest album to ever be played threw speakers from start to finish it is amazing, I just want to bow down to Kanye and all his greatness and I can’t wait for his solo album because it’s going to be crazy, omg this is the best thing ever, nothing will ever be better than this omg!”


“The album was boring, why the hell does Kanye keep giving all his albums songs before the album comes out! omg this isn’t College Dropout Kanye this is fake, cocky, dating Kim Kanye”

Both of these are, well, too much in my opinion, I’m not a critic, I just enjoy music. I like to sit back and listen to things that sound really good. This album happens to sound really good! It doesn’t follow the normal Label album standard where the known names are on every track and the rest are album rejects from old projects. This actually has class on the tracks that Kanye doesn’t appear on. See  ’The Morning’ and ‘Sin City’ plus there is a Reakwon and Mase feature! Yes! There is something that Kanye was trying to get you to understand with this project, Kanye doesn’t give a fuck about what you think, doesn’t care about your opinion, because he’s going to date a home made porn star, sign 2 Chainz, have a album battle with Pusha T, be the most pompous man on earth, and he’s going to do it wearing more leather than a 5000lb bull! And you know what we’re all going to take it, because there isn’t much Kanye puts his hands on that doesn’t come out gold.

Listen to GOOD Music – Cruel Summer find out for yourself and have your own opinion, don’t take mine or anyone else’s!


Chase Meë