Vans Era Blue

Sneaker Spotlight: Vans

In a world full of expensive sneakers, it’s easy to blow your whole paycheck on a shoe with a Jordan logo. I’m not hating on Js, believe me they are a necessary vice. My goal is to merely point out that they are not the only pair of sneakers you should allow to grace your feet. Personally I am a fan of Vans and I think you should be too. This does not mean I rock the skateboard shoes with the bulky tongue, I do however wear Vans Eras frequently.

Unlike a pair of basketball shoes, the Eras look a little more mature and their no-flash style is definitely a plus. The other style I like are the Authentics however I switched over to the Eras because they are more durable and I enjoy their look. For the price of the new Lebron Xs you can get 6 pairs of Vans Eras. These are shoes you won’t be afraid to wear and nicely compliment a pair of jeans or khakis. So forget buying the flashiest pair of kicks that will make you the envy of the sneakerheads, instead go with a classic understated style that has stood the test of time.