iPhone 5 Announcement- September 12th

OMG!!! After months of rumors, speculations, leaked images of the case, processor, camera, all the bullocks, finally Apple is officially announcing the iPhone 5. Now it’s been a while since “inside sources” have said that the new iPhone would be announced September 12 and would be released September 21st; the former is true but, we will have to wait till the keynote September 12th to see if the phone will be available on the 21st. Now rumors have said the the phone will have a new camera, NFC capable, an inch thin, etc. But what we can for sure trust is that the screen will most likely be four inches, upgrading from the three and a half inches from the other models; the new operating system, iOS 6 will also be released, probably preloaded in the new phones release date. I’m honestly very excited to see what the phone will be capable of because Android has been giving Apple a run for their money lately, especially with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the hottest phone on the market right now, so Apple really needs to blow us away this time. Look out for the update September 12th.