Fall Style

Fall Style Tips: Mature Your Look

As the summer presses on and the transition to fall looms ahead, it’s time once again to start preparing one’s wardrobe for the colder season. While this may sound somewhat daunting, there are a few tips that will make it easier to flip the style switch.


If you are like me, you will wear boat shoes until the last possible minute, because frankly who doesn’t like a comfortable shoe that you can wear sans socks. Eventually, however the weather forces you to trade in your favorite pair of Sperry’s for something a little more appropriate for the season. Desert Boots are the perfect mix between classy and casual. So when the situation doesn’t quite call for sneakers (yes these times do arise), throw on a pair of desert boots and some jeans or khakis. Get a pair here.


When the time comes to ditch the v-neck t-shirt and brace yourself for a colder climate, don’t just settle for a long sleeve shirt. Sure, they will undoubtedly be part of your wardrobe, but this year take a more grown up approach. A light, checkered button-down will add some vibrance to your look without being overly formal. Also, since fall temperatures can vary, you can always roll up your sleeves and still look great. Get one here.


As the cold creeps in and your are forced to trade your shorts for something a little warmer, jeans aren’t the only option. Denim is an essential part of my winter attire, and we all have a favorite pair, but jeans don’t necessarily make you stand out. A good pair of corduroys is key in the fall, and they do not sacrifice comfort for style. Now I’m not saying borrow a pair of your grandfather’s thick green corduroys that could more than likely function as snow pants, a thinner, lighter pair will more than suffice. Get yours here.


My striped band watch looks great during the summer months, but as fall hits a more serious watch is a nice upgrade. This does not mean just throw on your G-Shock, because even though they are incredibly durable, every kid I know has one and its time for a more mature style. A Timex leather watch or a vintage military watch will drastically improve your watch game on the cheap. Grab one here. 


Fall is a time for layers, which of course means an opportunity to add dimensions to your look. Swap your hoodie for a cardigan or forego both with a vest. A nice vest will keep you warm, but more importantly look great over a button-down. If it gets really cold throw a sweater on under the vest. Get one here.