Streetwear Spotlight: apliiq

Streetwear is liquid, constantly changing and flowing with urban culture. Sure, many brands have successfully adapted to adjustments in taste over the years and stayed in the forefront of the streetwear movement, Supreme and Stussy to name a few, but there is still room for younger brands to enter the game. Apliiq is one of these brands. With a creative approach to patterned fabrics, the threads apliiq creates give an outfit some added flash without being overbearing.

The four year old company out of Los Angeles allows customers to design their own clothing with a large selection of custom pockets. This aspect of individualization gives wearers the chance to put their own signature spin on the garments in their wardrobe. Versatility is key for apliiq and their slew of stylish shirts and hoodies are a fresh and flexible approach to clothing. Recently they have linked up with alternative rapper Def Sound, to create an African-inspired collaboration (see video above).  Head over to their site or Karmaloop to grab your own apliiq gear to pair with some jeans and Js.