UNIQLO Announces Online Store for Fall 2012

Uniqlo, Japan’s leading clothing retailer is FINALLY opening an online store. Uniqlo has store locations in China, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, South Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Malaysia, UK and the US, but if you don’t live anywhere near a Uniqlo store, then you can’t benefit from the companie’s great clothing and low prices, at least in the US. Like myself for example; I live in California in the US, the only Uniqlo store isĀ  in New York City, on the other side of the country, literally. Their website doesn’t have an official date as in when the online store will open, but they do allow you to add your email address so you can be notified when store does open. I’m very excited about this, I’ve heard a lot about this brand. You can check out some of the clothes Uniqlo offers on their official website here.