50 Cent – In Da Club

2003 was the year 50 Cent made a breakthrough, and since then he has took the world by storm, by selling millions of songs, owning his own record company and making hundreds of millions in business.

However, before all that was ‘In da club’ – his hit single from probably his best ever album and what is considered a rap classic…’Get rich or die tryin’. In da club was great because it had Dr Dre on production, whilst 50 – in probably his rawest form created a club banger which was also considered quite a gangsta song too. This has rarely ever been done in rap, or if so has rarely ever worked, but 50′s skills made it happen and a successful combination was made. 
Since the turn of the millennium this song is considered one of the best in rap history and the video is just as good too, with features of Dr Dre, Eminem, The Game and G-Unit.