Grime – The Early Years [Mixed & Compiled by DJ Complex]

South London born DJ complex gives us an insight into the early tracks and sounds that spawned the grime wave. The mix features classics from So Solid, Pay As You Go to Dizzee Rascal and Musical Mobb – delve into the classic street hits that still excite the raves and club nights of today.

Exclusive: Grime – The Early Years [Mixed & Compiled by DJ Complex] by Soundophiles

Why did you choose to do a mix circulating around the early days of grime?

Sometimes I think it’s good for the fans, artist & producers of today to remember the roots of grime so the full story of grime can be understood. How often, at a booking, do you play some of the tracks from your mix selection? When I’m booked for a grime event I always tend to blend in some old school grime. Ravers like the old school vocals, it builds up a good vibe inside, plus I’m not one of those DJ’s who feel the need to play all the newest tunes.

Which is your favourite track from your selection?

I think it has to be Dizzee Rascal over ‘Ice Rink’ or the ‘Sidewinder’ vocal – I remember Commander B playing it on Choice FM way before grime was even played on legal radio. I feel that Dizzee created a crossover point in the history of the genre. With the ‘Sidewinder’ vocal it’s just about that line up man – all those big MC’s on one vocal was a lot and they all delivered.

How do you feel, in terms of grime, the scene’s specific sound has changed from its early years?

It has changed, grime evolved from garage and most of the garage sound is out of grime these days. There are a few producers who still use the sound and it sounds sick but grime is not what it was 10 years ago.

Has grime evolved or dissolved over the years?

When it comes to things like raves – live sets and money in the genre it had dissolved – I remember going to events like Sidewinder and Eskimo Dance and these events were ram. Nowadays most grime events are held in small venues and to be honest there not all ram. The digital age has taken a lot of money out of the scene – to get a tune used to cost me anywhere between £7-10 now it’s like 79p. Radio sets don’t really happen anymore, big up D Power though for getting grime back on DEJA VU FM.

On the other hand it has evolved, MCs are getting playlisted on Radio 1 and performing at big festivals world wide. We have a grime show on legal radio and the genre is recognized on a global scale. Mc’s are becoming better song writers and starting to deal with social issues and proper concepts – producers have also helped the sound evolve.

What effect has the internet generation had on grime?

Well I believe the Internet has its pro’s and cons. The biggest networking move in grime history between P Diddy and Skepta wouldn’t of happened without twitter. We have people like Tre Mission who first heard grime through the internet – we can let the world know we have our own scene that we created. On the other hand the internet has caused grime to lose a lot of revenue through sales. Yes, all music has suffered but a developing genre like grime feels it more – I feel the internet has caused MCs to not be that concerned with radio like they used to be. Some mcs would prefer to stand infront of a camera and upload a video on youtube, when they should be doing both, but u can not deny the exposure the Internet can offer.

If you could re-release a track ,from the early years, which one would it be?

That’s a hard one, it would have to be Dizzee Rascal ‘Stop Dat’. The energy of that tune is too much and it’s grime, real grime!

Track list:

So Solid Crew – ‘They don’t know’ remix

Wiley – ‘Terrible’ Intrumental

Pay As You Go – ‘Know We’

Mega – ‘Hungry Tiger’

Roll Deep – ‘Roll Deep With My Crew’

Wiley – ‘I Will Not Lose’

Jammer – ‘Destruction’ remix

Dizzee Rascal – ‘Round We Go’

Wiley – ‘Eskimo’

Wiley Ft Flow Dan and Dizzee Rascal – ‘Eskimo’ vocal

Dizzee Rascal – ‘I Luv You’ instrumental

Big Shot – ‘Stomp’

Musical Mobb – ‘Pulse Y’

Terrah Danjah Ft Hyper, D Double E and Crazy Titch – ‘Cock Back’

Alias – ‘Warriors’

Wiley – ‘Ice Rink Riddim’

Dizzee Rascal – ‘Ice Rink’ Vocal

Davinche & Jammer – ‘’ instrumental

Crazy Titch – ‘I Can See You’

Davinche & Bossman – ‘Bongo Eyes’ remix

Kano – ‘P & Q’s’

Mr Fidget Ft Donaeo – ‘Bounce’ remix

DJ Mondie Ft Ribz, Flirta D, Shizzle and Napper – ‘Pull Up Dat’

Dexplicit – ‘Forward Riddim’ instrumental

Wiley – ‘Wot You Call It?’

DJ Wonder – ‘What?’

Dexplicit – ‘Victory’

Wiley – ‘Eskimo’ (Devil remix)

Wiley – ‘Ice Pole’ vocal

Dexplicit – ‘No’ instrumental

Fire Camp – ‘No’

Wiley – ‘Sidewinder’ instrumental

Wiley Ft Gods Gift, Tinchy Stryder, Flow Dan, Rapid, Shifty, Skepta, Jammer, Fuda Guy, Trim and Dirty Danger

Wiley – ‘Colder’ Remix

Esco – ‘96 Bars of revenge’


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