Belle Amie – Girls Up (Ft JME/Remix)

You may remember Belle Amie from the X-Factor. Well, the girl group recently dropped their first video a few weeks back. Even more current, the trio shot the video for the Grime remix, lead by one of Grime’s most known and respected, JME.

At first, the song was greeted with cynicism. Looking at Hygrade’s remix of Cher Lloyd’s ‘Swagger Jagger’ it is clear that sometimes names can attract talent yet the two don’t exactly mix. What is meant by this is that Swagger Jagger was a bit of a mess, and still with the talented re-hash by Hygrade it still didn’t sound particularly great. However, the same can’t be said here. It’s quite rare for a girl group who are essentially pop to get involved with Grime, but it’s pulled off well. Not only does JME add a verse of his own, MC’ing – but also the tempo is bumped up to 140 bpm. As said, it’s rare for girls to really sing over Grime – but it sounds nice when blended together.
Watch the video and have a think for yourself!