Black Hippy – Takeover

I wanted to touch on four young men; Ab Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Jay Rock AKA Black Hippy. This is my first post, here I go!

I remember in 2004 or so when The Game dropped The Documentary everyone claimed the westcoast was back, or at least was on it’s way. It never happened. It took four more years for anything of quality to come out when Pac-Div and Nipsey Hussle dropper their debut projects. And both of them fell off after their debuts. But now in the last two years we’ve seen this new supergroup; Black Hippy or TDE come really from nowhere. When was the last time there was a group of rappers that were all highly talented and all have different styles? Not since Wu Tang. These dudes are the real deal.


-Jay Rock – The true old Westcaost gangster rapper, straight out of Watts and sounds like it.

-ScHoolboy Q – The energy, the hype of the crew the swag holder, the one you play at kick backs and parties. Just as gangster rap as Jay Rock but little more Snoop than Cube.

-Ab Soul – The conscious or at least the most conscious of the four. The one that actually looks like a hippy. Take a listen to this.

-Kendrick Lamar – The all encompassing, the master key holder, the one that brings them all together. The Westcoasts Nas, the king lyricists of today, if he stays hungry he could be the best ever, but lets stay away from comparisons and rankings it always turns ugly. Check out his verse on off Game’s-My City

As I just mentioned I want to stay away from ranking these artist, they’re young, they have time to cement their legacies in the game and spending time planning their careers out for them is pointless. Even though I have drawn some lose comparisons to the legends lets not turn this into a who’s better than who and just listen to the work these talented young men are putting out!


-Kendrick Lamer
Overly Dedicated
Section 80

-Ab Soul
Control System

-ScHoolboy Q
Habits and Contradictions

-Jay Rock
Black Friday
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–Chase Meë