Blu Mar Ten – Whisper (Ft. Kirsty Hawkshaw)

‘Whisper’ is the latest big d&b track to come out from Blu Mar Ten in recent times. It has a bit of a chilled vibe throughout – as vocalist Kirsty Hawkshaw provides some chilled singing around a liquid-type beat, which never threatens to go into a drop or explode into madness.

Instead, ‘Whisper’ stays at a relaxed pace and stays that way. Purists may be pleased with the slight entry of reese bass but that’s about it, as it gently lifts the song up a little. Some may feel that it gets slightly repetitive, but thankfully the calm vocals provide enough variety and energy to make this song pretty complete.

Well done Blu Mar Ten on making this smooth song, and what’s even better is it hasn’t been released in the summer, alongside 99% of other chilled d&b anthems