Casey Veggies

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I’d like to take the time here to introduce Casey Veggies one of the most talented and focused young men in hip-hop today. I remember in 2006 at Forbidden City in Hollywood when he had his first show, I was there and I’m not even going to lie I slept on him a little, wasn’t sure to make of this 13 year old rapper, and let me tell you this I was in the minority. Casey speaks of Tunnel vision in his songs, meaning he’s focused he’s here: ‘he wants the cars and the fame’ (The Panties)  He has a west coast feel to his music but to be honest he has his has figured out his own sound. His flow is smooth, it is a little hard to compare him to anyone before, I think it is what makes him such a quality rapper.

Casey came up with Tyler, the Creator but his subject matter is a little more closer to the hip-hop ethos than Tyler. But both are staying independent so they can have complete creative control over their projects. They have featured on each others mixtapes and you can go pick up a Peas & Carrots shirt at the OF pop up shop on Fairfax today.

When you take a look a couple of his interviews you can notice that he still has a youthful side, almost an innocents as if he is a little star stuck by his own fame. But believe me he leaves that outside the recording booth. He definitely brings bars of piff on every track he puts out. And with a catalog that is already four albums or mixtapes deep at 19 you know that there is still room to elevate potential and telent to hall of fame. I was having a conversation about how he was able to get where he’s at with some friends a week or so ago, and I said it’s simply he’s good, he’s got a group of good friends and advisors and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone in LA that doesn’t know who Casey Veggies is. That last reason is major, most young rappers have to over come an immense amount of haters or people that simply don’t take you seriously, Casey’s talent has made him immune to that bullshit. Take a listen to this young man, the download link takes you to his personal website’s music page where you can download all of his catalog.


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