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CTLGD - Unicorns, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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Why is this called unicorns? We don’t know. Also, what the hell does CTLGD stand for?

Anyway, ‘Unicorns’ is a pretty hot track if honest, and as summer is now here – it’s appropriate that a bit of electro should be listened to. That is exactly what ‘Unicorns’ brings, and is perfect for some kind of crazy party.
‘Unicorns’ strongly features a marimba in the breakdown(s) which creates a cool and chilled vibe, whilst the build up leads to electro melodies and stabs which make for a lot of energy and potential dancing!

Overall, ‘Unicorns’ is a nice summer song, by a good upcoming producer. Oh, and CTLGD also has a song out called ‘The death of Yolo’. Hopefully we’re not the only ones who agree with this statement!

Newport Music – Brian Ennals

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