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Dot Rotten – Festive Festival Performance

Dot Rotten is set to follow in the footsteps of Wretch 32 and be the next Grime veteran to break into the mainstream in 2012. The last 9 months have seen Dot sign a deal with Mercury and he has softened his image whilst still keeping the gritty lyrics and rugged flow that has built him a legion of hardcore fans. This footage of Dot Rotten performing at the Radio 1 Festive Festival is a taster of what we can expect from Dot in 2012 as he raps and sings his way through some of his latest material with a live band. Guess What?? – It sounds very good!! Hopefully Dot Rotten can breakthrough to the mainstream without changing his style too much and leaving his Grime roots behind. It will be interesting to see how Dot evolves as an artist over the next year!

Watch the Festival performance HERE

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