Dot Rotten – Laughing

Dot Rotten’s next single is ‘Laughing’ which looks to be a cross between the mainstream and his ‘harder’ sounds from before. Whether it actually strikes a chord with the masses is another thing altogether, but it’s a risky game to play!

The beat for ‘Laughing’ is unmistakably dubstep, which Dot has ventured into a few times before. Overall it’s a high quality track but the wobble does sound fairly generic. As for the content, Dot uses this to ‘laugh’ at previous critics and haters who doubted him – as it does seem that he is in the driving seat these days.
This definitely isn’t soft pop by no means, and it isn’t Dot on grime either. However, with the bass as it is, with his energetic style – it will be sure to go off in the clubs!