Drake – The Motto (Ft. Lil Wayne and Tyga)

It’s unusual for Drake to be using such a basic beat and instrumental wise ‘The Motto’ is fairly different from the rest ¬†on ‘Take Care’ so it’s equally as unusual that ‘The Motto’ has been given a video and release as a single.

For those who haven’t heard, it’s basically Drake doing his usual braggadocio style, minus the self-pity, so expect a lot of bling and lyrics such as “I’m 25 sitting on 25 mill”. Drake also provides the rapped chorus and Lil Wayne and Tyga supply similar verses. The video represents this as it shows nice cars, clothes and Las Vegas style lights. It’s also a bit funny to see Lil Wayne’s dancing and their unusual clothing tastes. One thing is certain, the Young Money Cash Money stable have had a very successful year, as seen with ‘The Motto’, lyric and content wise.