Elro ft. The D.O.T. – Bad News

Elro releases his first single Bad News after impressing on his SBTV Warm Up sessions and F64. The 22 year old rapper from Chepstow, Wales, who describes himself as “pretentious white boy who who’s main influence is getting rejected by women” echoes the sentiments and tomfoolery of a generation under the influence of modern life.

Whilst Elro was clocking up 1.5 million views and perfecting his rhymes in his Mum’s backroom, down the M4 a small but noisy label called The Beats was stirring from a slumber.

Having witnessed that very SBTV performance, Mike Skinner felt finally there was a rapper in Elro who could live up to the standards of The Beats. As part of their new project The D.O.T. Mike was in the studio with Rob Harvey and after reaching out to Elro, a studio session was swiftly booked in. It soon became clear that “Bad News” produced by Mike, was a track finally worthy of The Beats seal of approval, and so here we are!