Fathom Audio – Diffrent Records

I’m excited about this one. The latest addition to Diffrent Records comes in the form of this experimental plate by Fathom Audio. Elements of Glitch Hop, Future Garage and Drum and Bass fuse together to create “Ridges and “Promises”. The A. side grips me the most with its exciting blend of sounds that gel together perfectly. It’s possible to pick out elements of garage, hip hop and glitch hop flowing through the beat, which stays reserved and yet powerful. The B. side promises takes you further down that road to a quieter place. “Promises” is one of those tunes, which never quite drops. I’m not one of those EDM Youtube heads though that listens only for the drop. The lack of drop leaves you wanting more, but in a good way. This one is a big addition to the Diffrent camp. Put the 3rd September in your diary.