Flying Lotus

Fly to Death

When music artists decide to promote their upcoming albums they hold massive amounts of radio interviews, show their faces on morning show performances to sea full of confused faces and plug away on late night shows.  L.A. producer and DJ, Flying Lotus, decided to use his budget to create a beautiful short film showcasing three songs for his new musical masterpiece, Until the Quiet Comes.

With help from director, Kahlil Joseph , Flying Lotus gives you a glimpse of follies of childhood and ill-fated reality in his native California land. Ghetto birds swiftly flying and literal pools of blood are creatively and beautifully portrayed through the lens of Matthew J. Lloyd. We are pulled into a futuristic condensed Cali version of the Cranes are Flying and get to take a fly-on-the-wall view of Nickerson Gardens .  And much like real life, the more you want to turn away from the melee, the more you are inclined to stare at the wreckage.

Although much of his success has been reveled overseas, his news pieces will have more ties to his American roots with collaborations from Erykah Badu on See Thru To U and Los Angeles’ own Niki Randa on Getting There and Hunger . Although the casualties begin to pile up, the music of Flying Lotus resurrects the dead into a break dancing frenzy and into his awaiting lowing riding, switch hitting chariot.Despite the body count, lifelessness never looked so good before.

Flying Lotus will be dropping his latest album, Until the Quiet Comes, on the first of October.

by L.A.