Foreign Beggars Hold on Feat Skinnyman

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Aboslute banger from the foriegn beggars this morning, This Classic has been pumped out of more dj sets than your mommas had hot dinners.

Some background info on the album this came from:

On 27th Nov 2003 the group released their first album ‘ Asylum Speakers’. The record featured the following guest artists: Kashmere, Graziella, Dr. Syntax, Anik, Tommy Evans, MRX, Carnage, Grim, Finsta, DVS, Skinnyman, Wayne Wonda, Tau Rai, Lena, Farma G, Chester P, Task Force, Shlomo, Ed Skrein, Pye, Nassa, Super Novar and Highbreed. Two videos were released from this album, Hold On feat Skinnyman and Frosted Perspeks which were also released as double single. The track ‘Hold On’ was remixed by Mickey Finn and ERB N Dub and released on Urbanism. ‘Mind Out’ which featured Skrein was released as single by Skrein, on Dented Records.

Newport Music – Brian Ennals

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