Fytch & Captain Crunch – Raindrops (ft. Carmen Forbes)

Raindrops is the latest release from duo Fytch and Captain Crunch, which also features Carmen Forbes!

In short, Raindrops is a classic dubstep-meets-trance track, where melodies, vocals and soothing synths are taken from trance and bass wobbles, drops and big drums are taken from dubstep.
It has been done before, but when done right – it can sound quite powerful and it’s nice to say that Raindrops achieves this level of quality. Expect to hear this one around the country at various venues and radio stations, because it’s bound to appeal to most dubstep fans. Arguably this is up there with Doorly’s remix of Basement Jaxx’s Raindrops too, but that’s for you to decide – so what are you waiting for? Give it a listen, it’s out now…

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