Giggs – Talking the hardest

In 2008 it is safe to say Giggs was not as well known as he is today. However, ‘Talking the hardest’ is the song which got the ball rolling, creating a buzz which lead to several mixtapes, singles, video shootings, a major record deal and a successful clothing line.

Even by today’s standards, it is considered one of Gigg’s best songs, for its memorable chorus of ‘If you’re talking the hardest’ – a saying which made it on to his merchandise. But back then Giggs, known as Giggler was more underground – the video says it all really, a bunch of youths rapping in the streets with Giggs filmed with a grainy camera. In fact, Talking the hardest may have been one of the first ‘hood videos’ which are so common today, so it is both pioneering in a sense of music and cinematography. As well, it was the first time gangsta rap in the UK was taken truly seriously, on such a large scale. 

The buzz of the song is clear…near a million views and a song which is still played nationwide in clubs today. For that we have to salute Giggs!

Talkin the Hardest (Bonus Track) – Let Em Ave It