Goldie – Inner City life

In 1995 DrumNBass was very much a new, and for the most part undiscovered genre. For the most part, it was pioneers such as Goldie who were making all the right noises – literally, to get the sound heard.

A classic example of this, and also a classic example of DrumNBass music is ‘Inner city life’ which reflected upon the roots of the genre as well as showcasing what it was all about. However, what was just as appealing was that this got into the top 40…albeit at number 39, but nonetheless back then this was a huge thing. This was part of his album ‘Timeless’ which charted even higher, showing how far Goldie had came. 
Inner city life was great because it got the sound out there, and even today can be listened back with ease. The pads used are truly awe-inspiring which add to a truly legendary track, from a truly legendary bloke.


Inner City Life (Full Length) – Goldie

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    Old school Classic