Heckz – “Hecstrumentals Volume 2″

Last year Heckz released “Hecstrumentals” and now the up-and-coming Wolverhampton musician is back with “Hecstrumentals (Vol. 2)” – A luscious 12-track promotional mixtape, released in collaboration with P110 Media compiled of his rich beats. In the past, his instrumentals have been noted for their ability to transcend Grime and Hip Hop, without jumping down the experimental route. “Hecstrumentals (Vol. 2)” is no different; ignoring the scene’s obsession with formulaic beats with a fresh supply of boundary-infringing sounds.

Jam-packed with beats ready to be vocalled by artists, it’s a showreel of the MC come producers talent. Heckz insists that he doesn’t allow genres to restrict his music and “Hecstrumentals (Vol. 2)” – continuing where the last left off – makes it apparent. The project covers Grime and Hip Hop with a graceful elegance, but retains a gritty undercurrent to keep everyone happy.

Download from HERE


1. “Tribal Rock”
2. “Major”
3. “Stallion”
4. “Beat Master”
5. “The Town”
6. “Heaven & Hell”
7. “Space Ship”
8. “Warmonger”
9. “Hop Riddim”
10. “Slave Labour”
11. “Sunrise”
12. “24 Bit”