Jakwob – Robots (Ft. Mic Righteous)

After his monster dubstep-meets-rap collaboration with Smiler Jakwob is back again with a similar move, this time involving Mic Righteous. As listeners will know, Mic is known for his emotive lyrics mixed with dog barks and passion.

Their song ‘Robots’ is a mashup of dubstep and rap, mainly being the former. As you would expect, Jakwob provides a nice drum pattern and electro bass but it isn’t too over-powering for the vocals, which some collaborations can fall foul of. Instead, it’s the perfect platform for Mic Righteous to rap over, who chooses the theme of being a lyrical robot with lines such as “Woke up in the lab, couldn’t recollect how I got there I tried to call for the Doctor, but the Doctor’s not there”. It’s a clever concept and hopefully this song is pushed to the fullest!