Kanye West – Through the wire

Looking back it’s funny that pre-2004, Kanye West was known by very little. He seems to have been around for decades which is testament to his influence on modern-day music. However, in truth his career has been a short one spanning just over 6 years.
With this in mind, what made Kanye break through exactly? Well – upon reflection his song ‘Through the wire’ was one of his first real singles, and one that grabbed the listeners attention. From the smash album ‘College dropout’, Through the wire was one of the better songs, which said a lot. It was a great story and one that was real, inspiring and well done too. 

Here Kanye as a producer nearly died in a car crash. Within 2 weeks of the incident, he recorded Through the wire with a metal plate in his mouth – hence the funny accent. Since then he hasn’t looked back, and is soon to release ‘Watch the throne’ – a split album with Jay-Z. Yet, with hindsight – he would not be in this position had he not survived the car crash, or even gone on to record Through the wire.


Through the Wire – The College Dropout