Yo-Landi rocking a Happy Tree Friends-esque onesie, accompanied by partner in crime, Ninja, who sports a neon green balaclava, naturally.

Outrageousness Personified: Ninja & Yo-Landi Vi$$er

If you’re not intrigued by an album cover featuring a petite albino girl with a funky bleach blonde ‘do, completely black eyeballs and extravagant angel wings, staring into your soul while feasting on some sort of bloody animal organ, you might as well just leave this page right now.

Since their debut in 2009, Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er, lead members of zef hip-hop group Die Antwoord, have not ceased to amaze, stun, and disturb fans all at the same time. Their existence is just absolutely absurd – its the only way to describe it. Never have they ever come out with something normal; not a song, not an album, not a video, not a photo, not even a quote from either of their mouths. Unmistakably South African, they have succeeded at starting their own outrageous cult of personality.

Yo-Landi especially seems to be an expert at making her fans skin crawl. Between her photo shoots where she is covered in blood, let alone throwing it up, the ones where she has completely blacked out her eyeballs, and the ones where she has mice coming out of her mouth, I find myself at a loss for words. Or better yet, I find myself unable to consume food for the following 24 hours.

A lesser-known fact about Ninja and Yo-Landi is that they have actually procreated together pre-Die Antwoord, their offspring bearing the name “Sixteen”, although she was actually “zero” when born. We’re all anxious to follow the second generation of Die Antwoord outrageousness.

I do have to admit, however, that I admire both Ninja and Yo-Landi a great deal because they are truly and irreplaceably unique. They are the type of group that will never alter their style or genre due to pressure from the media or due to the reception of their critics. I’ve personally been enjoying their newest album, TEN$ION, since its release in January and look forward to seeing what they put out next.

After all, Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er really prove that in some cases, being outrageous is completely necessary. We all need a little outrageousness in our lives.