Ramzee – Unite The Raver {Free Download}

Ramzee has been putting work in the UK Funky Scene for years. Revered as one of the country’s best hosts he has torn down countless raves alongside the UK’s top DJ’s as well as putting out tracks such as the anthemic Unite the Raver and the hilarious dancefloor filler Who’s Dat Lighty. Now the Cheese On Bread Records signee has hit us with his first full mixtape entitled ‘Unite The Raver’ an aptly named title as anyone who has seen Ramzee live knows that Unifying a dancefloor is what he does best.

The mixtape is 16 tracks strong (with a load of skits) and features Jammer, Trilla and the Grime scene all stars on Who’s Dat. Ramzee moves from Dubstep, Hip Hop to Grime with ease on this mixtape spitting over a diverse range of productions from Daft Punk to Caspa. The versatility shown is reminiscent of Bashy’s classic ‘Chuppa Chups’ mixtape and proves that Ramzee is much more than just a gimmicky UK Funky host.

One of the highlights include The Motto Freestyle to which the above video has just dropped. ‘Unite the Raver’ shows why Ramzee is one of 2012s most exciting MCs.

Download the Mixtape from Ramzees official website: http://www.ramzeecob.com/
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