Roll Deep – When I'm Ere

Back in 2005, when Grime was truly flourishing there was one major name in the scene…Roll Deep. The crew, who were a lot different back then, in members and style released ‘When I’m ere’ as one of their first singles on the album ‘In at the deep end’. Unlike the other singles, this was easily the Grimiest, and by some measure. By today’s standards, it is completely different to the new Roll Deep singles – and this song is considered somewhat of a classic in Grime.

With a star line up featuring the likes of Scratchy, Wiley, Roachee, and Trim as well as others, it was something special – not to forget the unmistakable production of Danny Weed. The video summed the song up too, which in today’s terms would be considered something of a ‘hood video’ but back then was quite new in the UK. 
Without sounding too pessimistic, if Roll Deep were still like this today, Grime would most definitely be on higher ground.

In At the Deep End – Roll Deep