Sigma and T Phonic – Do you love me? (Infuze remix)

When it comes to modern dnb, it’s pretty much written in stone that Sigma are royalty, and with T Phonic they recently created ‘Do you love me?’ which saw an official release including vinyl and everything else. It’s safe to say that ‘Do you love me?’ was a hit and it’s easy to see why. ‘Do you love me?’ mixed some amazing vocals with crazy drums and some great melodies, which generally is a recipe for success.

So, when Infuze jumped on board with the remix – what was the result? The result was dubstep. Here the tempo was slowed down and the wobbles took over. This combined with a few of the original melodies and vocals made for a powerful remix. Purists be warned, this may not be for you – but if this went off in a club it would sure be a hit. Watch out for Infuze in 2012, he is a name to keep an eye on!