Sincere – Ain't nobody like you

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A couple days back rapper Sincere released the video for ‘Ain’t nobody like you’, which is a rap song which also borrows from genres such as dance with the instrumental. This meaning that the instrumental sounds like the more ‘modern’ rap stuff when compared to old. It’s still a great beat and as usual, Sincere lays down some good vocals.

Like much of his content, Sincere focuses on success and his lyrics are pretty inspiring for those who want to go out and achieve. This is matched brilliantly by the video which shows him around London and performing at a venue. It’s all well done and visualises the song well. Not to forget the chorus either, which is a high-pitched woman screaming out “Ain’t nobody like you”. With all things considered, this is a good rap song and adds to Sincere’s already strong discography of hits.

Newport Music – Brian Ennals

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