Skepta – King of grime

Back in 2004 Skepta’s sound was a lot different to now. Even his biggest fans will admit he has gone slightly more pop, and has also ventured into the realms of Dubstep. Whilst this isn’t exactly a bad thing in parts, it is not to be compared to his old self, which was seen on his release ‘Rinse 04′. Here, one of the stand out songs was ‘King of grime’.

It was a cocky title for a song in all fairness, and whilst we aren’t saying he’s definitely the king – this song somewhat justified his statement to an extent. It’s rare to find an MC who is also a top producer, but Skepta is one of few who fit that mould, and it comes together perfectly in ‘King of grime’. One thing he has kept from down the years is his flow, and here he uses lines such as ‘I’m so on point in a war, government want to try and find out if I’ve been chatting to Osama’. Whilst it wasn’t the deepest song in Grime for content, it is clearly memorable and is a good example of the genre.

King of Grime – This Is UK Grime, Vol. 1