Skrillex – Summit (Ft. Ellie Goulding)

Christmas has seen many releases, and Skrillex is no different. His ‘Bangarang’ EP has currently available from most digital stores, and for parts it’s typical Skrillex. In other parts of the release however, his style is¬†noticeably¬†different – and this change seems a positive one.

The typical Skrillex sound consists of heavy drums, cutting wobbles and a lot of electronic sounds. It’s no secret that he borrows a few sounds from the trance genre, but what happens when Skrillex ditches the wobbles and chaotic noises for a few minutes, and tries a more peaceful route?
Well…this is the case on ‘Summit’ which has Ellie Goulding on the vocals, apparently. Whilst the dubstep drum pattern remains, that is about it. The noises used sound more Avicii than Skrillex. There are no wobbles and everything sounds fairly calm. Maybe this will offend some fans, but arguably this is better music than his usual ear-splitting stuff. One thing is for sure after listening to ‘Summit’ and the general EP, Skrillex’s sounds are changing – and it may just be for the better.