Soundophiles 2012 Watch List {1/8} – Scrufizzer

We’re compiling a list of some of the artists we’re tipping to blow in 2012 and be posting them in the next few days. First up – Scrufizzer!!

One of the most talented and original MCs the Grime scene has seen in years, the West London Grime MC has the world at his feet. Some have called him the British Busta Rhymes but I see Scrufizzer as a mix between FLirta D and Dizzee Rascal- The speed and clarity of his delivery as well as his trademark ‘Fizzy’ sound effects is refreshing and gives him the edge over the current crop of MCs. Having already worked with MJ Cole on Southern Electric and Ed Sheeran on the YNMIDNY remix, there is a queue of big names looking to collaborate with Scrufizzer. Dizzee Rascal recruiting the young MC for the track Guts and Glory off the forthcoming mixtape – DirteeTV.Com

The whole Grime scene is anxiously watching his next move. Check out his Daily Duppy – Will show you all you need to know about the future superstar.