Sway – Still speedin

This is our “WOW” song of the day, Sways ‘Still speedin’ which has leaked from his upcoming album ‘Deliverance’. If every other song on the release is like this, then the listener is in for a treat. Hopefully that expectation can become reality, but it will take some doing.

Sway has been away for a while now, but this is worthy of any return. In sampling the original Blackbox song ‘Ride on time’, the beat chooses the powerful vocals, whilst Sway claims he’s “Still speedin” (Since ‘Up your speed). And this could well be the ‘Up your speed’ of 2011. A remix is out soon with Kano and a ‘mystery guest’. Whilst we doubt it’s Chamillionaire, hopefully it’s someone of that caliber, which would really set things into motion. Simply put, Still speedin should put Sway right back into raps consciousness…