The Quaranteam

The Quaranteam – Thoughts On My Mind

Shifting through the seemingly endless amount of videos that get sent to us daily, this track really stands out. It’s from London hip hop crew The Quaranteam who released The Quaranteam EP at the back end of last year which is downloading as I type. Props have to go to K-Nite 13 on the production of this track as it is simply superb- a wailing soul sample provides the basis for this emotion filled beat which you cannot help but nod your head too. I can only imagine the reaction in the room when he played it to the other MCs! All three rappers ( K-Nite 13, Pyro Barz and Skillit) do the beat justice and lay their heart out on the track.

It has been a while since I have heard this kind of Hip Hop done so well from UK artists- It kind of reminds me of The Extremists and the golden UK Hip era of the mid 2000s. I’m looking forward to hearing more stuff from The Quaranteam, hopefully they can bring some soul back to the UK Rap game.