Travis Barker & Yelawolf – Whistle Dixie

The world famous drummer Travis Barker today released Whistle Dixie, which features Shady member Yelawolf on the vocals and yes…the video is Halloween themed due to the timing of the release. Cue the skeletons, caskets and creepy props…oh and a cameo from Danny Trejo!

Another key part of Whistle Dixie is the beat, which as you can imagine with Travis Barker is largely drum-based, here a persistent drum roll is used for the percussion throughout, and as the title suggests, whistling is a key feature too. Elsewhere, Yelawolf does his thing and opts for an abstract flow, matching something more poem-based rather than a conventional style. The outcome is still dope.
This is one for the Halloween season, and is taken from the appropriately named Psycho White EP.