Wiley – Cheer up it’s Christmas

As a grime fan you’re never too far away from a new song off Wiley. As it happens Christmas is coming up, and he’s decided to leak his newest song ‘Cheer up it’s Christmas’ which is possibly the first ever festive grime song.

At first glance, one might be put off by this thought – as it should spell disaster, but that is not the case as Wiley proves he is the master of making good music. He does not go for a corny feel good song, and instead talks about his experiences – such as despising the festive period not too long ago. However, it seems he has learnt to embrace Christmas, as suggested by the title.

For instrumental fans, the beat is a real plus as it’s a kind of relaxed-grime feel, similar to the beats from ’100% publishing’ and Wiley’s flow and random content is thrown in too. ¬†With this in mind there’s one last message…have a good Christmas people!