Wobbleland – Official Video

Wobbleland - Official Video, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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Amazing compilation thanks to Jon Zombie, sick basslines, heavy drops, leaked snippets from the below:

Skrillex (Los Angeles, mau5trap, Atlantic Records)
Nero (London, MTA)
Datsik (Kelowna, Rottun, EX7)
12th Planet (Los Angeles, Smog)
Jakwob (London)
Kastle (Pittsburgh)
Luke Nukem (Vital SC)
Minnesota (Vital SC, MalLabel, GruntWorthy)
Getter (Vital SC, MalLabel, Ultragore)
Filthy Beaver (Vital SC, Libra Rising, Skills)
Skriptah (Vital SC, Mass Execu7ion) vs. Rate P (Vital SC)
Kryph (Vital SC)



Newport Music – Brian Ennals

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