Ed Sheeran – You need me, I don't need you (True Tiger remix Ft. Dot Rotten/Scrufizzer)

A few days ago this got its first radio spin and since then has been getting a lot of reloads. This is the True Tiger remix of Ed Sheeran’s song ‘You need me, I don’t need you’ with Dot Rotten and Scrufizzer on the vocals. It isn’t the first time True Tiger have remixed his songs, and once again they get it spot on.

Again, the song is turned into more of a dubstep or grime vibe and the two MC’s choose to go back to back with bars. It’s rarely done when each verse is shared into several parts but sounds great. In terms of content the pair stray away from the original theme of a relationship and choose to talk on other subjects.
The original, along with other versions is out soon!