English Frank – Road to riches (Ft. Cerose)

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English Frank is becoming a real pillar in UK hip hop, and after his latest release, ‘Road to riches’ – it’s clear as to why. Featuring Cerose, who sings the hook – Frank has chosen a truly classical rap instrumental, in the form of Mobb Deep’s ‘Life is mine’ from way back. With this high quality of production, the rest was up to Frank to perform…and he does just that.

Imagine Frank’s F64 in the form of a proper video and finished song, well this is basically that. Once again, he talks about street life, gangs and crime. This may be a pretty generic concept, but Frank has mastered the art of story-telling which is why his songs are so addictively good. ‘Road to riches’ is out now: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/road-to-riches-feat.-cerose/id478078327

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