Ghetts, Mister Blaize, Devlin, Rawz Artilla, Dogzilla – Shook Ones freestyle

It’s a massive lineup with undoubted talent. The likes of Ghetts, Mister Blaize, Devlin, Rawz Artilla and Dogzilla have taken on the legendary ‘Shook ones’ beat, originally done by Mobb deep. It’s a tall ask and if done badly would look quite terrible due to the original’s classic status.

However, luckily it’s done well. Each rapper approaches the beat with their individual style and whilst it can never be the original, it’s good to see a UK take on it, many years down the line. As with every group song – there will always be competition as to who did the best. We believe it’s Dogzilla who ended the song with bars such as “I was raised around pissy stairwells as a kid. That smell of disinfectant, crack heads sleeping in my lift. My nextdoor neighbours they wherecrazy, they would wake up me and Tim their only son, he was my friend he showed me things that made me think. Drugs, money, diamonds, cars – now was that really worth it because now I’ve got the scars”
It’s this strong imagery which proves he is more than a hype man. However this is only an opinion, check the song out for yourself!